The Angani VAULT provides fast, reliable and secure backup for all your personal and business data. The Angani Cloud is the best place to store your data, giving you a total end-to-end solution.

Safeguard your Data in the fastest, most secure VAULT in East Africa


  • Fast

    Angani VAULT servers are hosted in Kenya within the Angani Cloud

    1 Gbps connections to all ISPs in Kenya

    Save on Installation and License Costs

    Sign up and start using your VAULT immediately

  • Reliable

    2x Redundant Datacenters

    Up to 3x copies of data are kept to ensure no data loss

    Incremental File Versions – ensure you can rollback to an old backup copy of the file

  • Secure

    Each user’s data is completely private unless shared

    Encrypted file transfers

    Business administrator controls and manages permissions and access rights

  • Collaroration

    A business VAULT account can contain folders shared with staff members

    Users can edit a file together, and roll back to older versions

    Users can share large files easily with each other or Customers

  • Mobility

    Securely Access files anywhere – including iOS and Android mobiles

    Securely Access files anywhere using the web browser


All Plans Include

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    24/7 support

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    Free local bandwidth and transfer