Introducing Angani

August 7th, 2013 by phares

Welcome To the World of Angani!

So, we’ve been in stealth mode for 6 months and while we’ve been dying to tell everyone what we do, it just wasn’t quite the right time…until now. We are Angani, and here’s our story:

Who is Angani?
We’re a Kenyan public cloud computing provider located in Nairobi, Kenya, offering services to the entire East African region.

What is a “public cloud provider”?
IT is not a core product offering for most companies. However, IT, like electricity and telephony, is a huge business enabler, which has tremendous benefits. Over time businesses have been spending an increasingly larger share of their revenues on IT. While necessary to keep the company functioning, IT infrastructure and equipment does not typically add any direct value to the product or service offered by most companies.

This is the problem that Angani seeks to solve. By buying infrastructure in bulk, virtualizing it and proceeding to lease it out to you at a reduced rate, we take away the expense and headache of having to maintain your own IT infrastructure in-house. No more worrying about hardware procurement, power, cooling, upgrading, scheduled maintenance etc. We have that covered.

How does this benefit me?
We can help you in two immediate ways:

1) We offer IT Infrastructure to our customers in the form of virtual machines that they can use and discard at will. From an IT provisioning perspective, virtual machines are indistinguishable from physical machines. Hourly billing allows companies and individuals to only pay for infrastructure they use. Furthermore, you can increase or reduce compute capacity instantly depending on need.

2) Together with our channel partners, we offer you turnkey solutions to your IT problems. Our entire ethos is on providing you an end-to-end answer to your technological issues. We’ll help you formulate the problem, refine it, provide viable solutions within your budget, implement and maintain it for you.

How can I trust you’ll do a good job?
1. Experience: Between the co-founders we have over 30 years accumulated experience in the virtualization and cloud computing field. We come from disparate backgrounds in business, industry and research, but we’ve all been doing cloud for quite some time now.

2. State-of-the-art systems: Our platform is implemented on the cutting edge in terms of hardware and software to ensure you get the best service value. We continually upgrade our hardware and software to make sure you’re always getting best value without impacting your productivity. We peer at the Kenya Internet Exchange Point to minimise latency between our datacentres and your organisation. Our internal processes are modelled on best-practice as carried out in the cloud computing industry and we export those processes to you.

3. We put our money where our service is: You only pay for resources consumed. Don’t want to continue with us? Just stop paying. Our hourly billing model means you’ll never be left out of pocket. We listen to your feedback. Don’t like what we’re doing or how we’re doing it? Talk to us. We’ll listen! Finally, we believe our product works. Our service level agreements mean we’ll pay YOU if we impact your productivity because of errors we make.

OK, what next?
We are currently in closed beta but aim to be fully operational during the month of September 2013. We will soon be looking for people to help us test the system. Contact us on [email protected] if you have any questions, want to discuss this further or would like to be invited to one of our introductory roadshows.

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August 07, 2013 at 11:22 am, Petro Muluha said:

Well done!!! Phares, Brian and crew. All the best


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