Out of Beta!

September 25th, 2013 by phares

So, we’ve been live for two months and the beta has run well!  In preparation for our full launch in October we thought we’d drop you all a word to say how extremely grateful we are for all the feedback, feature requests and bug fixes our testers provided.  With your help we’ve been able to make great improvements to the ease of use of our portal, support system, customer service expectations and issues around documentation. For that we are very thankful.

Based on your feedback we’ve crystallised our product offerings.  In particular, we now offer Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS virtual images so you can use the distro flavour of your choice without having to learn the runes of another.  We also have very exciting plans to offer super cheap Windows licences coming soon!

In addition, based on your feedback we’ve added the following products to our lineup, all of which will be available in the next fortnight:

+ Managed Virtual Machines: We now offer a service in which you can create a VM and have us update it transparently and asynchronously. You no longer have to worry about security vulnerabilities, out-of-date software or upgrading services.  We take care of it for you.

+ Managed EMail: We now offer web hosted email based on Microsoft Exchange.  You no longer have to worry about backup, licences, remote access.  We take care of it for you for a small per-mailbox fee, meaning you have maximum flexibility without wasting capital on unutilised or overprovisioned software licences and hardware.

+ Managed Platforms: Provide us your stack and we’ll provide you the service.  With managed platforms we’ll take care of keeping your application stack running across VMs and updates. You concentrate on the code, we concentrate on the infrastructure.

+ Premium Support: A number of our customers have indicated that they value being able to pick up a phone and call us or email us for an immediate and contextually relevant response. Well, you’ve got it. With premium support you have a dedicated support staff that knows your support history and is quickly able to provide relevant support,  any hour of the day or night.

Finally, just to underscore how grateful we are for all your feedback, for all those who expressed interest in or participated in the beta, the beer (in the form of account credits to the tune of KES 8740 [USD 100]) are on us!  Thank you for your faith in us.  We’ll not betray it!

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