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outdoor security cctv cameras against blue sky

The CCTV Storage Solution – Why Should You Use it for Your Security System?

Written By Nyamatu on November 23, 2016

As the use of closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance grows, so does demand for longer retention periods. This means a continual increase in requirements for surveillance footage storage. This is where Angani’s CCTV cloud storage solutions comes in. Our storage solution ensures protecting people and their property goes beyond crime observation by providing cloud services that […]

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Angani’s Media Product – Changing the Game in The Media Industry

Written By Nyamatu on November 21, 2016

The media and entertainment industry is experiencing a grand evolution from traditional to digital media powered by cloud technology. This digital shift is increasing collaboration and lowering market barriers, thus opening doors for a global market. Digital media content is accessible and customizable in streams of music, movies, ebooks and videos that are distributed over […]

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Cloud storage

Angani Cloud Services and Their Global Solutions

Written By Nyamatu on November 09, 2016

While advancements in technology are being made constantly in almost every industry, technology for your small business is better. In this case, cloud services are a winner. These services are making it easier for small businesses in Kenya to run their operations and achieve multi-faceted, attainable and real benefits. Instead of having local servers to […]

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Welcome to The Angani Monthly!

Written By Nyamatu on November 02, 2016

  Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Angani Monthly, our monthly newsletter. Through this, our goal is to share relevant content covering a whole spectrum of topics from Kenya and beyond that can help you improve business efficiency and increase revenue while leveraging on Technology. We at Angani truly hope that you will enjoy […]

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